Standing Quadricep Stretch - Preparatory Stretching

The standing quadricep stretch focuses on the front of the upper leg and stretches the quardricep muscle. The Standing Quadricep Stretch should be performed as a preparatory stretch and be held for 8 to 10 seconds.

Standing Quadricep Stretch Muscle Body Map

Body Part and Muscle Group

The Quadricep Stretch focuses on the front of the upper leg. The Quadricep is the muscle being stretched.

Standing Quadricep Stretch


Starting from a normal standing position.

Bend / Flex one knee and raise the foot towards the buttocks.

Slightly flex the standing leg so the knees are together (but not touching).

Hold the front of the raised foot and pull the heel towards the buttock.

Progression: Push the hips forward.

Alternative: The Lunge.

Standing Quadricep Stretch

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