Soleus Stretch - Maintenance Stretching

The soleus stretch focuses on the back of the lower leg and stretches the soleus muscle. The Soleus Stretch can be performed as a preparatory stretch .

Soleus Stretch Muscle Body Map

Body Part and Muscle Group

The Soleus Stretch focuses on the back of the lower leg. The Soleus is the muscle being stretched.

Soleus Stretch Muscle Body Map

Joint Actions

Soleus Stretch


Starting from a normal standing position.

Take a small / half step forward (keep both feet facing forward).

Keeping your weight evenly distributed, bend / flex both knees (keep knees directly above ankles).

Progression: Flex the knees more (sit lower).

Alternative: The Calf Stretch.

Soleus Stretch

Suggested Exercise Equipment

The following fitness products are suggested for this exercise:

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