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Calf Stretch

The Calf Stretch focuses on the back of the lower leg. There are many different ways to stretch the calf muscle, the example below is absolutely fine...

Soleus Stretch

The soleus stretch focuses on the back of the lower leg and stretches the soleus muscle. The Soleus Stretch can be performed as a preparatory stretch...

Standing Quadricep Stretch

The standing quadricep stretch focuses on the front of the upper leg and stretches the quardricep muscle. The Standing Quadricep Stretch should be...

Standing Hamstring Stretch

The standing hamstring stretch focuses on the front of the upper leg and stretches the hamstring muscle. The Standing Hamstring Stretch should be...

Standing Inner Thigh Stretch

The standing inner thigh stretch focuses on the upper inner thigh and stretches the adductors. The Standing Inner Thigh Stretch should be performed...


Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid, whose chemical formula is C4H9N3O2. Creatine phosphate provides...


If we value our health, we must ensure that an adequate and well balanced diet is adhered to. This alone presents us with a dilemma because how many...


Exercising in a Gym or Health Club isn't always an option, thatís not a good reason to stop exercising though! There are plenty of ways to exercise...

Exercise Tips

Exercise plans and workouts to help you become healthier and improve your fitness. Get the flat six pack or big biceps through effective exercise...

Home Exercise

The advantage of home exercises, is that you can perform your workouts at anytime and you can be more creative with the...