Cardiovascular Exercise


Treadmill Using a treadmill for walking or running is an effective way to exercise, with regular use you will see an increase in endurance, overall... Read More

Cross Trainer

Cross Trainer The Cross Trainer, also know as the Elliptical Trainer is an excellent piece of cardiovascular equipment. When exercising on the Cross... Read More

Upright Cycle

Upright Cycle The Upright Cycle works the major muscles in the lower body while working the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The Upright Cycle is... Read More

Recumbent Cycle

Recumbent Cycle The Recumbent Cycle will work the lower body muscles and the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The Recumbent Cycle usually gives the... Read More

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine Exercising on the Rower will work the whole body including the cardiovascular systems. The Rowing Machine allows the user to focus their... Read More


Stepper Using the Stepper in your exercise programme will work the whole body and cardiovascular system. Exercising at the right intensity is very... Read More

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise includes working the major muscle groups, including the heart and will also work your respiratory system. Cardiovascular equipment such as a treadmill or exercise bike will involve sustained, rhythmical activity resulting in the lungs working harder to supply the body’s need for extra oxygen and get the heart pumping faster.

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