Back Extension

The Back Extension is performed lying face down on a mat. It’s a very important exercise that is often overlooked in favour abdominal curls. If you don’t strengthen the muscles in your back while over developing your abdominals you will get a poor posture and won’t be able to progress your abdominal work as much as you could.

Body Part and Muscle Group
The Back Extension works the Posterior Torso with particular focus on the Spinal Extensors.


Joint Actions
The movement to perform the Back Extension involves Spinal Extension.


  • Lying face down on a mat with your back and legs straight.
  • Place your hands on your bottom and raise your torso upwards then slowly lower while maintaining tension in your back extensors. Keep your shoulders slightly off the floor when lowered.
  • Keep hips and feet on the floor throughout the exercise and your head should remain in line with your spine, looking down at the mat.

Alternative: Use a Back Machine or Swiss Ball.

Back Extension
Performing the Back Extensions exercise will increase strength in the muscles and increase flexibility, strengthening your back muscles is very important for good posture. A lot of force is put on your back when training and even just doing day to day tasks, always try and balance any work done with the opposing muscle groups. If you are training your back muscles make sure you put equal effort into your abdominal and chest muscles.

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