Dumbbell Flyes

The Dumbbell Flyes are performed on a bench with dumbbells.

Body Part and Muscle Group
The Dumbbell Flyes work the front upper body with particular focus on the Pectorals and Anterior Deltoid.

Joint Actions
The movement to perform the Dumbbell Flyes involves Shoulder Horizontal Flexion.


  • Start by lying face up on a flat bench with your back straight. Take two dumbbells using a closed neutral grip (inverted).
  • Straighten your arms so the dumbbells are over your mid-chest area, you must retain the shape of your arms throughout the exercise.
  • From this position lower the dumbbells out to the side, keeping your elbows in line with your shoulders (don’t lower past your shoulders).
  • Raise the dumbbells up and over your chest without touching them together at the top.

Progression: Add more weight, increase your reps, increase your sets or slow the exercise down

Alternative: Chest Press or Cable Flyover.

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