Dumbbell Shoulder Press

The Dumbbell Shoulder Press is performed in a standing position with the dumbbells raised above your head.

Body Part and Muscle Group
The Dumbbell Shoulder Press works the upper back, shoulders and arms with particular focus on the Deltoid, Trapezius and Tricep muscles.

Joint Actions
The movement to perform the Dumbbell Shoulder Press involves Shoulder Abduction and Elbow Extension.



  • Safely raise the dumbbells until they’re just above shoulder height.
  • Your hands should be directly above your elbows with your forearms straight.
  • Raise the dumbbells above your head by straightening your arms.
  • The dumbbells should meet at the top but not touch.
  • Lower the dumbbells so your elbows are approx. 90 degrees and your hands are in line with your chin.
  • When finished, lower the dumbbells to the floor, keeping your back straight as you squat down.

Progression: Add more weight, increase your reps, increase your sets or slow the exercise down

Alternative: Barbell Shoulder Press.

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