Exercise Tips

Getting started with an exercise plan can be difficult, you may be thinking that exercise isn’t for you. We have put together a number of helpful exercise tips to help you with your workout.

Exercise Partner
Having someone to exercise with will help you stay committed to the workout and helps with motivation.
Alcohol and Exercise
You should never drink alcohol before a workout. Your reflexes and hydration can still be affected server hours afterwards. Complete your exercise and then rehydrate with some water and then have an alcoholic drink if you must.
Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are great for your home exercise workout, they’re easier and more flexible than dumbbells, barbells and other weights.
Exercise Ball
When sitting on an exercise ball, keep your weight off your toes. This will increase the effort on your core muscles.
Need Some Motivation?
Have a look around at the people near you, are they finding the basic tasks hard work, such as climbing stairs, walking round the shops or playing with their children. Do you want to join them or do you want to continue to improve your health and fitness? There is only one answer.
Heart Rate Monitoring
Using a heart rate monitor can help you exercise in the correct intensity zone during your workout. It can also motivate you as you see the improvements you are making with your level of fitness.
Weight Training
Do the exercise correctly or it doesn’t count! You must exercise at the right speed and with the correct range of motion otherwise you won’t improve, you will probably do more harm than good.
Set Realistic Exercise Goals
If you haven’t done any exercise then don’t overdo it when you start a new workout. To be successful you need to enjoy the exercise otherwise you are likely to give up.
Even Small Exercises Help
not everyone has time to workout for an hour a day, try doing small exercises through out the day. For example, stand on one leg while you wash the dishes. Then stand on the other leg while you dry them. This will strengthen your hamstring muscles and is good for balance.
Stretching IS Exercise
You don’t have to be going for a run or a heavy weights session to improve your health and fitness. Try performing one stretch every day and then start to increase this as it becomes easier.
Exercise Tips
Exercise plans and workouts to help you become healthier and improve your fitness. Get the flat six pack or big biceps through effective exercise workouts and some helpful exercise tips.

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