Lying Hamstring Stretch

The lying hamstring stretch focuses on the back of the upper leg and stretches the hamstring muscle. The Lying Hamstring Stretch can be performed as a developmental stretch and should be held for an initial 6 to 10 seconds and then take the stretch further for another 30 seconds.

Body Part and Muscle Group
The Lying Hamstring Stretch focuses on the back of the upper leg. The Hamstring muscle is stretched.


  • Start by lying face up on the floor.
  • Make sure your back is straight with your spine in neutral.
  • Bend / Flex the hip to 90 degrees, keeping the left leg straight/extended.
  • Straighten the right leg and pull the leg towards the body (knee off lock).
  • If the leg is shaking – ease the stretch slightly.

Progression: Pull the raised leg closer to the chest.

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