Resistance Based Circuits

The most common way of circuit training is a Resistance Based Circuit, this involves a combination of aerobic and resistance exercises that are easy to follow and are designed to give you a great full body workout.

The overall aim of a Resistance Based Circuit is to target fat loss while building muscle. Circuit training is an effective way of performing a balanced workout.

There are many variations of a Resistance Based Circuit but you would expect your basic eight exercise station to be divided into the following:

Two stations of Upper Body Exercise, for example, Bicep Curl and Press Up
Two stations of Lower Body Exercise, for example, Squats and Lunges
Two stations of Torso Exercise, for example, Sit-ups/Crunches and Dorsal Raise
Two stations of Aerobic Exercise, for example, Jumping Jacks and Skipping

The order of the Circuit is very important, it helps to keep your heart rate at a level range through out the circuit training session and will avoid too much exercising of the same body area after each other.

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