Running on a treadmill will help improve your circulation and respiration systems. By varying the speed of your running you can also control the intensity you train at.

Body Part and Muscle Group: Running works the whole body exercise with all the major muscles being used.


Joint Actions: Running requires the body to perform many low impact joint movements depending on the speed you walk at.



  • Carefully step onto the treadmill avoiding the belt while holding onto the handrails.
  • When both feet are either side of the belt work your way up to the control panel, still avoiding the belt and holding onto the handrails.
  • Attach the emergency clip to your clothing.
  • Press Quick Start and the belt will begin to move (make sure you are clear of the belt).
  • When your ready step on to the belt with your heel down and start to walk.
  • When comfortable let go of the handrails and swing your arms in an opposite arm to leg action.
  • Continue to walk in a smooth continuous movement.
  • To stop press the Stop button and slow your walk down as the belt slows.
  • Position your feet either side of the belt and hold onto the handrails.
  • Un-clip the emergency stop.
  • Dismount the treadmill by walking to the end and stepping off.

Progression: Increase the speed of your running, run for a longer time period or increase the incline on the treadmill.

Alternative: Cross-Trainer

Running is one of the best ways to train the whole body. By running on a regular basis you can improve your circulation and respiration systems. Running will also improve your fitness and health levels and if done often enough and over a period of time will help you loose weight and improve your muscle endurance.

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