Warm Up Stretches

Before you do your warm-up stretches you should have raised you’re heart rate by doing 10 minutes of warm-up exercises. Performing Warm Up Stretches is recommended to be part of everyone’s exercise workout, it not only prepares your muscles for exercise but will help prepare your mind to exercise as you slowly build up to the main exercise component.

Feeling the benefits of improved range of movement and the mental preparation will help you stay motivated to continue the workout and will assist you in achieving greater results and reduce the chance of injury.

Warm Up Stretches
The reason behind warm-up stretches is simple. You should stretch before your main exercise because cold muscles don’t stretch! Spending 5 to 10 minutes doing some aerobic work and then performing warm-up stretches will make all the difference to your workout. It’s advisable to try and make your warm-up stretches similar to movements you will be doing during the rest of your workout.

Successfully warming up will result in the following:

– Increased contraction and relaxation speed of muscles that have been warmed.

– Raises the heart rate to a workable rate for beginning exercise

– Mentally prepares you for exercise

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